Social Responsibility

Public Welfare·Bohi Love

Bohi Industry and its subordinate enterprises are always willing to assume more social responsibilities and organize donations with fast action in front of major natural disasters. Bohi Industry can always actively help the disadvantaged groups, support charities and benefit the society. In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Bohi Industry deeply concerned about the post-disaster reconstruction and totally donated more than 3.3 million yuan to the disaster area, including the direct 1 million yuan cash donation, 15 sets of steel rooms and all kinds of materials.

In June 2009, through Boxing Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, we donated 100,000 yuan to the minority nationalities and we also actively participated in some activities like the mosque construction organized by Binzhou City Islam Association and the activity to help the minority students in the Gansu class in Binzhou Technician Collage organized by Boxing Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs.

In 2010, the key county of minority nationality regions in Shandong Province - Yangxin County - suffered a devastating flood and water-logging disaster which hadn’t occur even in a century. The company leaders made a special trip to Yangxin County and donated 1 million yuan and 30 tons of small packaged cooking oil to Yangxin Government. In addition, the company also took out 20,000 yuan to help one secondary school student from Liumiao Village to return back to school.

In May 2011, the company donated 1 million yuan to build a school playground for Wuying Muslim School in Chewang Town to show our deep concerns for the minority students and the minority education.

We set up a "Bohi Industry Mutual Love Fund" with 1 million yuan. In recent years, we have already helped 39 poor workers in total, including helping them to pay for the school tuition of their children. And the total special fund spending is more than 2.1 million yuan.

We signed agreements with Binzhou University, Secondary Senior Technical School of Binzhou City and some other schools that we will provide practice bases for students from these schools and arrange work for more than 50 students every year in order to reduce part of the employment pressure. And in 2008, under the financial crisis, we arranged more than 700 positions for students from these schools through the construction of the viscose fiber project. What’s more, in order to promote the righteous and courageous behaviors and carry forward the social development and civilization progress, we donated 100,000 yuan to the Righteous and Courageous Behaviors Foundation of Shandong Province.

We repeatedly participated in the "Charitable Donation of One-Day Salary" activities organized by Boxing County for many times and only in the donation organized in May 2009, we donated 51,600 yuan. We also helped many patients and disabled people through Red Cross Society, Charity Federation and other organizations. It is also because of our care for the society and our sense of responsibility, Boxing County Charity Federation awarded us the enterprise who has "Compassion for People and Kindness for Society" , and Qingdao City granted us the "Most Charitable Donation Enterprise". The love outreach activities have been carried out in Bohi Industry, and will be carried on ...