About Bohi
  For 20 years since its founding, Bohi Industry has always taken "Provide green product, create a better life " as its mission and the company started up business and devoted to business innovation with firm belife all the way forward. Bohi Industry takes "Build career platform, develop same values with workers and customers and achieve a common prosperity" as its business ideas. As always, Bohi Industry insists on a sustainable development with green development concept and tries its best to establish a comfortable living environment and a rich society.


Bohi stage strategies:
"Advantages expansion, strengths rolling, from rough to details, from quantity to quality."
"Seize the opportunity, develop scientifically, avoid risks, operate soundly."
Adhere to four combinations like "short-term thinking and long-term strategy, inland and inshore, foreign trade and domestic trade, futures and spot" and the company will continue to expand its production capacity and, at the same time, it will always pursuit the quality improvement, transformation and upgrading, where it will promote the transformation from simple processing to high technical processing, from rough processing to fine processing and from product-oriented operations to capital-oriented operations.

  Based on the interests of customers and employees and centered on improving the processing volume and profit, Bohi Industry works hard on energy saving, consumptions reduction, income increase and cost saving. It will further expand the market segments, optimize the customers structure, improve business model, provide value-added services and operate with integrity and according to the law; it will always adhere to specific goals, responsibilities fulfillment and incentive mechanism reinforcement. The aim of its work is to achieve a common prosperity based on the combination of the interests of enterprises, employees and customers.

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