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        Cellulosic fiber comes from but better than natural fiber. It is one of the most ideal and most promising textile raw materials in the new century. It also has great potential for development in the fields of nonwoven, industrial yarn, national defense, medical and hygienic materials and some other non-clothes areas.

Cellulosic fiber Brand product introduction +
Cellulosic fiber
It is manufactured with cellulosic from cotton linter, natural wood or some other plants and it has many excellent properties such as moisture absorptive, breathable, soft, comfortable and good performance in drape and dyeing.
Product instruction:
Yamei can produce different types, different series and different specifications of VSF with a fineness range of 0.9-5.0D and a length range of 20-120mm and it can also produce VSF with fixed length, high whiteness or some special properties according to customers’ requirements.
Products category:
1, cellulosic staple fiber used for natural spinning (three series-light, semi-dull, full-dull) 2, cellulosic staple fiber used for natural non-woven (health level, high whiteness, full-dull) 3, colorable cellulosic staple fiber 4, functional cellulosic staple fiber
Another main product of Yamei is DP (dissolving pulp) with degree of polymerization between 500-2400 which is widely used in the production of cellulosic filament, cellulosic staple fiber, base paper used for making special paper and cellulosic ether. And Yamei can also produce special pulp in accordance with customers’requirements.
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